"You Might Be An EXPAT IF"
                             -Joey Lee (Comedian)

"You carry a cane not for walking the beach but fighting off wild dogs"

"You have ever eaten something you would normally step on in your kitchen... And like it"

"You visit 10 grocery stores looking for a pack of crackers.... And they are all out of stock"

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Joey Lee first cut his teeth in the comedy business in the late 80’s in NYC. Since then, Joey has performed in 16 different countries and worked alongside some of the biggest names in the business including Louis C.K., Bill Hicks, Chris Rock, Eddie Izzard, and D.L. Hughley. Whether he’s doing a late-night spot at the Comic Strip in NYC for five drunken sailors or fifty thousand rock fans at the Reading Festival, his laid-back raconteur story telling style punctuated by his ranting New York ribaldry roots always give the audience what they want. Comfortable in any environment his unique personal view point is universally appealing to all. Joey shares some of his most personal experiences that make us all not just laugh, but feel OK about being fallible, and human. From the Americas to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Coast to coast, country to country, cruise ships to comedy and strip clubs, night after night, Joey Lee delivers a fresh performance with the enthusiasm of a newcomer and the polish of a seasoned professional.

He has performed at every major club in the US and UK from the Improvisation Comedy Club and Comic Strip in NYC to The Comedy Store in London. From Paris to Bangkok, Joey has performed as far North on the globe at the Copenhagen Comedy Zoo, East with the Comedy Cartel in the Philippines, South to Tanzania Africa and most recently Parker’s Comedy Club and the Cape Town Comedy Club in South, Africa. Lee has also appeared at the Edinburgh Festival, Montreal Comedy Festival, South Florida and Chicago Comedy Festivals to name but a few. He brought the first American stand-up comedy shows to Costa Rica in 2005. He is also consulting on the opening of the new Moscow Comedy Club in Russia. Joey was most recently living in Cape Town SA working on his new one man show American-African, till the shores of Phuket Thailand beckoned him away, promising a chance to restart the comedy scene once ran by Pete Harris.

You Might Be An EXPAT IF

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